Sunday, November 1, 2009

England 1 USA 0

Come on America. You've been well and truly bumped by the Brits! Thanks to an anonymous contributor, we now have address details for Yolande Beckles' parents:

Gloria and Seaford Beckles: [address and phone number supplied on bona-fide request]
[such a handy address for a couple, with Pentonville mens' prison and Holloway women's prison both within a short distance - see map]

and her sister:

Hermione Beckles: [address and phone number supplied on bona-fide request]
[a handy address for visiting Snaresbrook Crown Court and for hiding in Epping Forest - see map]

So who's going to score for the USA with a current address and phone number for Yolande? We're waiting...

1 comment:

  1. A bit unfair to have her sister and parent's personal address details loaded. They are victims here. Has it occurred to anyone that this lady is also very mentally ill? There is a thin line between genius and brilliance. Her model for assisting kids and working with them is absolutely brilliant. Her business ethic is severely lacking as she has a taste for the high life. I was personally appointed to assist her to improve on the latter but this, as history has proved, is not the way in which Ms Beckles chooses go about her affairs. My comment ... steal her business case. Make the market competitive so that there is no room for Beckles to operate. It also occurs to me that the person who set up this blog is very intelligent so why spend time on shaming Ms Beckles when you could use your obvious talents to encroach on said market which obviously exists?