Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gun For Hire

They say that all publicity is good publicity, but I'm not sure that even Yolande Beckles, with a media image as bad as hers, will be welcoming the rabid attentions she's been receiving recently from extreme right-wing anti-union Harvard graduate and all-round nutter Anthony Krinsky.

Writing in one of his blogs under the banner: "Outing Teacher Union Replicants: How To Spot A Fake "Parents" Group, Operative, Or Outfit", Krinsky attacks the teachers' unions for setting up "fake 'parent' groups that waive the banner of parent advocacy but which actually promote the teacher union agenda... and enlisting parents in proxy-armies to fight reforms which are clearly in the parental interest."
Top of Krinsky's hit list are Carl Campanile and the NYC Parents Union", described by the hysterical anti-union ranter as nothing more than "a teacher union front group". At least he gives Parents Across America credit for having attempted to disguise its true backers, referring to it as "a 'parent' front group... for the Economic Policy Institute", as if the EPA was the Russian SVR, rather than a liberal non-partisan think tank with a degree of union funding.

But our ranter saves some of his most poetic venom for you-know-who: " communities like Los Angeles, the teacher unions have allegedly hired 'education activists' like Yolande Beckles to embed themselves into communities. Beckles has already talked her way onto the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council and leads a CTA front-group called 'California Title I Parent Union.' A friend of mine calls her 'quite impressive' personally, which did not surprise me in the least. How many hired guns are sneaking into the fabric of America's neighborhood councils where they will powerfully present teacher union dogma as 'good for families?'"

Wow! It's Clint Beckles - The Woman With No Name.

Poor old Krinsky. Eyes so inflamed with the red mist of anti-union loathing that he can't see the self-serving wood for the co-operative trees. Let me explain it to you, Anthony. Yolande isn't a servant of the unions, nor of the multi-billionaire private charter school operators, nor even of the investment bankers and hedge-fund managers of Democrats For Education Reform. Yolande Beckles exists to serve the interests of only one master... or I should say mistress. Yolande Beckles.

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