Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome To Chez Beckles

Yolande Beckles lives here
According to the final mapping data from DNASat, you are now looking at the Hollywood home of Yolande Beckles, international serial swindler extraordinaire. Not the most exclusive location in Los Angeles, but hardly an urban slum either. If you'd like to speak to Yolande about money she borrowed from you but didn't return, services you provided that she omitted to pay for or money you gave her for services that failed to materialise, you and/or your lawyers can contact her at:

Yolande Beckles
Apartment 228
Poinsettia Apartments
1530 North Poinsettia Place
Los Angeles
CA 90046
Tel: +1 213 909 4255

Have a nice day, y'all.


  1. I presume that by the time my solicitors get round to serving a writ she will be gone once more. Catch Yo If You Can. It's not easy when she keeps skipping off ahead of the bailiffs.

  2. So you nick other people's dosh and your punishment is to be outed on Google. Lucky you. This Beckles Watch guy is so decent. Where I come from, if you nick other people's dosh they hire someone to blow your kneecaps away, or jam a few fingers in the door.