Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meetings, Meetings And More Damned Meetings

When you're unemployed and living off state benefits, you have to find some way to occupy your time. Sitting around at home delving through thousands of pages of school reports in an attempt to become a hero as a result of uncovering corruption and administrative incompetence in schools administration across the city of Los Angeles is one way to fill your time.

Getting out and about visiting school meetings across the city might seem like a more useful way to use up those vacant hours. But that assumes that you behave yourself when you're there, of course. As opposed to bad-mouthing staff and management and generally making a total pr**t of yourself.

One thing's for sure, however - and it's impossible to avoid no matter how embarrassing it might be. Sitting down all summer rustling through paperwork and occasionally pushing a pen - like sitting on cross-city metro buses and then spending time sitting in meeting halls - does no favours whatsoever for a woman's figure.
Yolande attends yet another school meeting