Monday, December 6, 2010

M'Learned Friend

Only a very special few live on in the collective memory long after they pass on from this mortal coil to another place. Such people have their curriculum vitae chiseled in stone and archived for posterity in the great Library of Alexandria, scribed in papyrus and hidden away in the vaults of the Library of Herculaneum or carefully printed on a Gutenberg press and filed in environmentally-controlled cabinets at Oxford's Bodleian Library. These days, of course, technology has moved on and our great repositories of human knowledge are to be found right here, on the web.

Yolande Beckles has long been the proud owner of a page on the world's most famous internet encyclopaedia, Wikipedia. But today I can announce that she has been admitted to the world-wide web's most prestigious data bank of human knowledge - The Museum Of Learning (TMoL). This massive and authoritative database runs on a proprietary system known as Cloud10 and features what is known colloquially in the information world as "mashed data" - about specific topics from a variety of sources including Wikipedia, Twitter, various other social media outlets, together with news and commentary from authoritative sources.

Those privileged to be entered into TMoL's hall of fame do so under a specific section header, such as "Politicians", "Musicians" or "Heroes". In Yolande's case, the section is "Judgment Debt":

It's a splendid entry, which eloquently summarises the career of Miss Beckles and those attributes for which she has rightly become famous across the planet. With this online acknowledgment of her importance, nobody will henceforth ever think of court decisions about personal and corporate debt without thinking of Yolande Beckles.

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