Monday, November 2, 2009

What The Critics Said...

"This woman has neither training nor natural aptitude, hence the disastrous consequences." – Fiona Harrold, leading life coach.

"This is the hungry career black woman who will sell her own children to get where she wants." – Fred Black, educationalist and leading member of BNVillage, the African & Caribbean Social network.

"Ms. Beckles is a financial disaster area, with a reputation among many who have had dealings with her for failing to pay her bills or honour her debts." – Robert Mendick, Evening Standard.

"It is important for all involved to note that Yolande is a stranger to the truth." – Dr. Iva Gloudon, Director of Sport and Physical Education, University of the West Indies.

"This woman should be on the FBI's most wanted list. She tried to buy a car from our dealership and her paperwork was completely false. " – Los Angeles car dealer.

"I will not stop 'til she is behind bars."– Olivia Goodson-Shields, former landlady and creditor.


"I wonder how many GCSEs you need to become an 'educational motivator'?" – Jane Simon, Daily Mirror.

"The programme ['Don't Mess With Miss Beckles'] was dangerous and Beckles's behaviour completely inappropriate... She appeared to have little skill for mediation or conciliation, and she had no understanding of the cultural issues she was attempting to control." – Mary Jenkin, President of the Association Of Educational Psychologists.

"There she is driving around in a fancy car, living in a big house, sending her children to private school. We worked hard over time for her and did not get paid." – Kate Davies, creditor.

"Pictures of Yolande Beckles... are incredibly scarce on the web. Possibly because she's in hiding after last night's first in the series." – Mof Gimmers, TV Scoop.

"I found her approach insulting to the profession, damaging to the children and families who took part and quite repulsive. It frankly amazes me that the BBC let this piece of rubbish ['Don't Mess With Miss Beckles'] to air." – a school Deputy Head.

"...a woman who'd be welcomed into the bosom of any teacher or parent... or would she? " – Peter Curran, Teachers' TV.

"She sees (that some of her methods don't work) but she won't accept it. She thinks that her method is the right one. Because she's controversial, people react to her in the same manner. Some people absolutely love her and some people hate her." – Riete Oord, documentary film maker.

"Since Yolande's now a Beeb 'educational adviser', I think I might invoice the Director General, suggesting that he helps repay her creditors before she receives her taxpayer-funded fee." – Charles Lewington, creditor and former Managing Director of Media Strategy.

"The techniques of self-styled 'educational entrepreneur' Yolande Beckles have left the BBC accused of putting children's welfare at risk." – Amelia Hill, The Observer.

"She is effectively on television teaching children about trust and honesty and yet she ran a business that went bust and got away with paying a pittance to people she owed large sums of money to." – Andy Conway, creditor.

"I worked six days a week. She always shouted at us." – Bart Gujski, creditor.

"Her methods have caused outrage among child psychologists and parents". – Yvonne Roberts, The Guardian.

"This is the reason why Beckles cocks up. She never ever listens. To anyone. At all. Ever." – Mof Gimmers, TV Scoop.

"It ['Don't Mess With Miss Beckles'] is highly exploitative." – Mary Bousted, General Secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

"Miss Beckles is an expert con artist and is so convincing - no wonder there have been so many victims over the years. Perhaps now it is time for Yolande Beckles to spend some time in custody so we the public feel safer in our beds." – a blog commenter.

"If this series ['Don't Mess With Miss Beckles'] rings the final bell for the TV busybody, Miss Beckles will have served one useful purpose, at least." – Jane Simon, Daily Mirror.

"The overbearing Yolande Beckles managed to get herself a series on the strength of being an 'educational entrepreneur' (heaven help us all when that starts to happen)." – TV reviewer, The Mail On Sunday.

"I had the misfortune to have to deal with Yolande last year when she was trying to get more involved in local networks in Hackney. By co-incidence, my boyfriend also worked for her in the 90s and never got paid." – a creditor.

"In short, Lorrine Marer [star of 'The Teen Tamer'] is the new Yolande Beckles... but without the lunacy and lawsuits." – Mof Gimmers, TV Scoop.

"Despite the title ['Don't Mess With Miss Beckles'] something - or someone - really was messing with Miss Beckles. What started as Supernanny for teenagers became a full-scale parent v child war." – Steve Pratt, Entertainment North East.

"The self-styled 'education expert' is being sued by her children's private school after failing to pay their fees." – Anna Davis, London Evening Standard.

"There is another side to her. She has done the dirty on a lot of people, and has the bare-faced cheek to go on national television." – Jo Allen, teacher and creditor.

"More gimmicks like the entrepreneur Ms Beckles let loose in our schools? 'No thanks' is what parents and teachers will say, I hope." – Bob Cottingham, The Morning Star.

"I went into a program called the Black Leadership Programme, run by a lady called Yolande Beckles. This woman was (and presumable still is...) steeped in this theology [the Black Liberation theology of James Hal Cone], of course I didn't know it then. All she could talk about was the freedom of the Black Nation, and I was sat there, thinking, 'What is she on?'" – blogger 'truthintheselastdays', on Independent Conservative.

"Bring Yolande Beckles to America!" – 'Ripclawe', blogger self-styled as 'megalomaniac genius with severe God-complex'.

"There is now a considerable queue of people wishing to kick Miss Beckles's own mauve behind." – Julia Stuart, The Independent.

"Don't mess with Miss Beckles. Or she'll destroy your life." – Mof Gimmers, TV Scoop.

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