Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fully Equipped

Yolande's iPad and laptop.

Not bad bits of kit... for someone who is
not an employee of LAUSD.

Submitted by a genuine LAUSD employee
who is not at all happy about our friend...


  1. what is this? you get this by being part of the committee?

  2. Let me repeat what it says in the post: "Submitted by a genuine LAUSD employee who is not at all happy about our friend...". That particular employee doesn't believe that LAUSD iPads and laptops are handed out to every volunteer committee member. Perhaps he/she is wrong and you know better?

  3. I guess Ms Beckles is hoping the slip back into the UK one day when everyone will have forgotten about her and her doggy dealings...Lets hope some shinny new handcuffs are waiting for this slippery customer..I won't hold my breath on that one....

  4. I guess this site has had its Day?...You get more info from following Diandra Beckles on Facebook!...

  5. Now why would I follow Diandra on Facebook? This blog is not about daughter, but about mother. It is, as I state in the sidebar, a place where I bring together information about Yolande in the media, on blogs and elsewhere on the web. Yolande is currently choosing to keep herself out of the public eye and, let's face it, who could blame her after the embarrassment with Roberto Fonseca. So unless anyone submits information for validation and publication, things will inevitably be a bit quiet round here.

  6. She is a regular contributor to the "public comment" portion of LAUSD School Board meetings. She was on the District Advisory Committee where, before budget cuts, all of their board members were given the USE of ipads, but were asked to return them recently. Ms. Beckles has not and refuses to. Where the laptop came from, I have no idea.