Friday, February 19, 2010

The Rosewood Story

It takes extraordinary courage to stand up and whistle-blow against someone powerful and dangerous, when that act could potentially result in great personal cost. But at least one parent at Rosewood Avenue Elementary School did exactly that. Putting aside any risk to their children and themself, this particular parent wrote a letter to the LA Unified School District demanding that Yolande Beckles be immediately barred from the campus. And the parent brought that whistle-blowing into sharp focus by writing to tell me: "I think she [Yolande Beckles] is crazy". It wasn't a give-away line in the heat of the moment - I asked. This person really meant C*R*A*Z*Y.
Although Beckles Watch has a copy of the LAUSD letter, we can't publish it in full as that would compromise the identity of the author, who is scared of possible retribution. But let me just give you a flavour of what this parent told the education authorities, with an edited extract:

"As time went on, my encounters with her [Yolande Beckles] became more and more disturbing as her behavior towards me became increasingly more aggressive and alarming... If I did not do exactly as she asked, she would lecture and yell at me... Her brutish behavior has alienated parents and teachers. I not only think she has done nothing for the school in any positive or concrete manor but that she is a detriment to school morale and possibly a real danger to parents, teachers and our children. I fear retaliation by her were she to discover I am one of her detractors and if she is allowed to return to Rosewood in any capacity [we would] be forced to place our [children] in another school."

Of course, this is only one person's testimony and that person could be mentally unstable or bear some personal grudge leading to false accusations. All I can say is read the above and come to your own conclusion as to who is telling the truth... and who is very, very dangerous.

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