Monday, January 25, 2010

Yolande Beckles Think Global Kids Video Is Launched

As previously announced on this blog, the Yolande Beckles Think Global Kids documentary was launched earlier today. Watch it and marvel at how such a small group of inter-related people can appear to be an independent cast of dozens. Yolande Beckles, her video producer, her daughter, her son... I'll leave you to work out who everyone else is. And be impressed by how spacious an $1,830-a-month two-bed apartment can be made to look by a talented film director.

Once you've enjoyed watching the 10-minute Think Global Kids video, why not contribute to the Yolande Beckles "Help Send My Daughter To Harvard" campaign? In a few days' time I'll give you the address to which to send donations. You can be one of hundreds of lucky donors helping to make the life of one woman and her family so much better, at only a modest expense to yourself. Extra donations may even be able to fund their ultimate dream of travelling into outer space.


  1. Maybe if she'd got there earlier America could have avoided Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq War and maybe the twin towers would still be standing. But thank God she arrived in time to save all their children. The Pied Piper of Hollywood?

  2. In her TGK video she says she arrived in the US in 2008, it was December 25th 2008 to be exact. She and the children, Euan and Dee were picked up at the airport on Christmas Day by me, to rent a space in our home. Spent Christmas dinner with us and our lives were never the same. She was with us till March 17th when we had to ask her to leave. No rent for the entire time she stayed, in fact we fed her and the children as well. She wrote bad checks, including one to our landlord in payment of rent she owed us. She paid for our utilities with a credit card that had no money on it. After she left our home our utilities were turned off. She put us in debt. and owes us over 15 thousand dollars. She has never offered to re-pay one dime. She had a plan to start Think Global Kids collect funding from the government and the private sector, start the program and leave with the money, as she did in the UK. Her video made me sick to my stomach. She is a con artist in 3 countries and has left a wake of debt and destruction.

  3. we love Yolanda go girl!!!