Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clowns, Nuts, Sumo Wrestlers And Yolande Beckles Sweep Into Office

The Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Action Coalition is extremely proud to leak the results of Saturday's GEPENC elections and announce a clean sweep by its candidates. All 20 of the 20 Action Coalition candidates were elected by the neighborhood - some with majorities that would have made Brezhnev blush. Although President José (Sumo) Sigala scored a mere 61.1% of the poll, his wife (PR consultant and Torres-clan member) Lisa D. Baca-Sigala gained a more impressive 77.7% as Chief Information Officer. Vice President Francisco Torrero registered an outstanding 96.2% of the total ballot and Treasurer Gustavo Moreno was returned with an even more impressive 97.1% of votes cast. Vice President Torrero will be featuring in our next post. It is believed that some of these local public servants were so popular that people flooded in from adjacent neighborhoods, determined to register their support, while some opposition candidates forgot to vote for themselves.

With the lowest of the three Action Coalition slate votes in District 4, but elected nonetheless, was Miss Yolande Beckles. Does being an elected member of a Neighborhood Committee result in one being granted immunity from deportation? Perhaps there is a constitutional lawyer out there who can help us to address this pressing issue.


  1. Who can volunteer for 60 hours a week during a recession? And what kind of visa allows one to "volunteer" for years on end? Where's ICE when you need them??

  2. A Constitutional LawyerMarch 24, 2010 12:51 PM

    No. It doesn't.

  3. I think ICE in LA spend their time drinking tequila on...

  4. best served cold ...March 24, 2010 10:50 PM

    It was no good for Beckles to go to ground in a nice honest area was it? Surely she has found the perfect place to carry on committing crimes and not get caught?

    Until she crosses the wrong sort, of course (tee hee).

  5. So what has really happened since the creation of this website? Has justice been served?.Has Yolane Beckles been charged with any Offences?..The answer I guess is no on both Counts..One can only assume that Yolande Beckles knows she will be enjoying her Freedom for many years to come.....Therefore it really worth continuing with this website?