Friday, February 12, 2010

To Hell With Teachers - Let's Make Education Sexier

Looking back now, I can see that I didn't do full justice to the multi-talented Chantal Boccaccio when I featured her on this blog six weeks ago. It was all too easy for me to dismiss the producer/director of Yolande Beckles' Think Global Kids promotion video as a bit-part actress, soft pornographer, quirky video maker and pioneer of sex with skateboards. But play the demo clip above and just listen to that voice. After all, "At Think Global Kids we do not rely on what teachers say about our children" as it states in the TGK Vision Statement. "Our intention is to create a learning environment that is demonstrably different from that associated with school", as it says elsewhere on the website.

Now I can see what Yolande meant by these statements. After all, I don't remember my teachers sounding like that. So let's get all the boring teachers with monotonic voices out of the schools along with the neurotic ones with the squeaky tones and replace them all with teachers who sound like Chantal. In fact, why don't we go that extra step, get rid of the over-weight tutors and replace them with ones who look like Chantal. We could even save money by teaching kids self-assertion and communication skills at the same time as zoology lessons, using attractive, naked tutors equipped with armadillos. Now that would definitely outperform my expectations!

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  1. Oh Lordie, Lordie I'd like some of that. I always wanted to be an armadillo.