Saturday, May 15, 2010

LAUSD - Cowards, Administrative Incompetents Or Just Plain Stupid?

Three weeks ago I wrote of the possibility that Yolande Beckles could be offered the full-time post of $60,000-a-year Director of The Parent Center at Hollywood Senior High School, a public school administered by Los Angeles Unified School District. If I thought for one minute that Yolande had reformed and was now genuinely seeking to repay her debt to society by devoting her valuable talents to the service of the community, I would laud such an appointment.

Los Angeles Unified School DistrictOn the other hand, how on earth she could be seriously considered for such a post when the law requires employers to verify the identity of all new employees and their legal right to employment via a CIS Form I-9 still remains a complete and utter mystery to me. Especially when LAUSD is mandated to use e-Verify to check new employee status.

In any event, having conducted an enquiry into events at Rosewood Avenue Elementary, LAUSD has decided not to authorise such an appointment. To what extent that decision has been influenced by what I've collated and published here I have no idea of course, although I can report that users on the LAUSD computer network have visited the blog 268 times and spent some 308 hours and 57 minutes here in total so far... doing something or other.
So - given that LAUSD are well aware of issues around Yolande's employment, integrity and immigration status - I can't help wondering why they have acceded to Yolande's request to be granted "homeless" status and thereby granted her and her children free bus passes, school supplies and personal hygiene items. Especially when they know full well that Yolande has a history of dishonesty when it comes to her place of residence. After all, it's many months now since her former landlady wrote: "I've contacted the Los Angeles Unified School District to tell them she's using our address for her children's schools without our permission."

Back in January, I published a photo of Yolande's then $1,830-a-month Hollywood residence at #228 Poinsettia Apartments, 1530 North Poinsettia Place, Los Angeles, CA 90046:
Yolande Beckles lives here
And last month I reported that Miss Beckles had relocated to West LA, although at the time I withheld her address. Well, just in case LAUSD can't identify the premises for themselves, here's a picture of 1825 Purdue Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025:
And now Yolande Beckles lives here
1825 Purdue is a 4,055 ft² complex built in 1961, with average household income $48,000, household size 1.9 people, average age 31 and 58% of its occupants college graduates. It's in a very young neighbourhood, with several elementary and pre-schools in the vicinity. Certainly not the most expensive pad in town, but not exactly cheap. Definitely not a homeless hostel.

Of course I can't be certain that Yolande is actually living at this address. Given her past record of deceit, it could just be one that she's borrowed or stolen. But what I am certain of is that this is the address she has used recently in several official communications and registrations. Either way, if I were being asked to provide welfare or charitable benefits based on "homelessness", I'd have a very careful look at the applicant's residential status before acceding to the request.

Incompetence could be the reason for LAUSD's extraordinary decision to part-fund Yolande's itinerant but exciting lifestyle, but one reader has furnished me with a far more convincing explanation. In their opinion, LAUSD was desperate to get rid of someone who had caused public disquiet and disrupted the peace of its schools by asking awkward questions about allegations of long-term misappropriation of funds at Rosewood Elementary. I just wonder...


  1. The answer to your LAUSD question is: D. All of the above.
    For a truly dysfunctional city of Los Angeles department, try Empower LA. (oversees all neighborhood councils.) That agency is such a hot mess they had to change their name (formerly the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.)
    Oh Mr./Ms. Beckles Watch, how unfortunate that you do not reside in Los Angeles. :(

  2. This stinks and the air will not clear. LAUSD administration can blame themselves. Who sent this woman to Vegas for a conference---what was the cost. What is everyone so afraid of? This needs to hit media now Like local T.V and Radio. Somebody stop the insanity before.....

  3. I'd be very interested to hear about the Vegas conference trip as I know nothing of it.

    Please remember that, as it says in the sidebar, I'm just a collator of information and not an insider. I only republish what is already on the web, plus a few bits of information passed directly to me once I've been able to validate them. And I have to remain anonymous as otherwise I would long since had lawyers gagging me.

    As for the media, the LA Times (both local news and education sections) has been well aware of Miss Beckles' activities for many months. But they are not going to publish material that they read on blogs or are sent anonymously and nor should anyone expect them to do so.

    So if you want to achieve something with the media, go to them directly with evidence to substantiate a story that can be authenticated... and use your own name.

  4. "And I have to remain anonymous as otherwise I would long since had lawyers gagging me." LOL

    Grammatical errors aside,
    If this were REAL info, the spineless anon "BecklesWatcher" would use his real name. Instead he's a keyboard coward who spreads slanderous non-info like a venereal disease. I counted a dozen lies before dozing off from boredom. Sad you don't have a life of your own, Little Man.

  5. I love the fact that the person who writes: "If this were REAL info, the spineless anon "BecklesWatcher" would use his real name" signs herself off as "Anonymous"! Oh, and that she raises the issue of grammatical errors yet uses terms such as "LOL" and "REAL info" (sic).

    Isn't it a shame Yolanda Beckles doesn't have any grasp of that concept coined as irony?

  6. This is not going away its going to take something really big its so sad

  7. Keep up the good work friend this crook must be stopped sucking the blood of well meaning people trying to help those less fortunate. I have made a post on the English site where I saw this link.


  8. Somebody posted:

    'If this were REAL info, the spineless anon "BecklesWatcher" would use his real name. Instead he's a keyboard coward who spreads slanderous non-info like a venereal disease. I counted a dozen lies before dozing off from boredom. Sad you don't have a life of your own, Little Man'

    Sorry to correct you. I know Beckles and had the misfortune to meet her via my girlfriend when she found out the work me and my guys had pioneered. She is a crook of the crudest kind. This comes from somone who knows her. I did note how flirtacious she was but did not blink as I had a really nice girl and simply thought tht was how she behaved subconciously and took no real note. One day I heard her curse out one of the curse out the trustee of the Lionel Jefferies Centre that she tried to screw money from and they would not have it and I was shocked. A lady she is not I was speechless. When I read how she is suspected of stabbing her partners. Does not surprise me because in that flash you could she what she was and she aint nice or a lady. Trust me. she is hard and tough like a lifer who knows how to survive. Makes me think what type of background or family she is from.

    By the way use your brain. There are lots of reasonble reasons somebody does not want their name on an internet site that has nothing to do with them being dishonest.

  9. Here is the post I placed on the other site.
    I am shocked but not surprised by what I have read. I know Ms Beckles and can confirm she is a very crude con merchant. I was part of an all male black fraterninty called Utani well one of its founders. We pioneered working with young black men long before it became fashionable or there was any money in it. We did it for nothing as these were our brothers and as professionals we have clear commitments to our own. While working voluntary for the Lionel Jefferies Centre in London (Holloway Road) Beckles managed to bring in other people to do the same. My girlfriend worked for research body and met her and got into conversation and let slip I have been involved in particular areas of educational development for decades and she just locked onto me like a shark sensing blood.

    She is one of these people who does not have a product but picks up on things others says. she is an accummalator of other people's ideas and quite slick how she does it. She then approaches others using the names of eg people like myself. But she doesnt have anything of her own-nothing of substance to bring to the table its all what she has taken from others.

    This was an exciting project so many good people came forward. So she would go to one tutor and say we have Dr so and so on board.When they come on board go to someone else. I made the stupid error of loaning her my file of programmes which we had developed since 1980s. Tried and trusted stuff to work with all types of black groups or others as the basic models were sound. The principles can apply to any group really. Like an idiot I showed her my portfolio of work and left it with her and completely forgot about it.

    As soon as the grant came for the Lionel Jefferies Centre she handed them a massive invoice to the shock of the management committee who were under the impression she like us were doing this for good faith with the exception of travelling expense.

    But the joke is her bill was literally as big as the total grant for the project and the committee refused point blank to be used or hussled. The chair was Michael Larose son of the well resepcted and influential figure John Larose. John Larose dedicated his life to work for black and other disadvantaged people and I thought his boy was a wuus but he showed he was a chip of the old block and he told her in no uncertain terms where to put her invoice.

    But the thing that really shocked me as I did not know she had a white husband what is there to no but she called Michael racial names. Yep. In front of others that he was not fit to eat the shit of her white husband. Do you think she needs nigger shit like you. Straight up I almost collapsed because it showed what was behiind that mask is something that is lurking that is not nice. This is the same man she apparently stabbed.

    The dispute went to court and the centre and various projects closed down, we had to put kids on the streets. I kid you not. We worked hard to fill that place and succeeded and ended up having to put them out. She lost the court case but destroyed a major project for black and under privileged kids.

    It dawned on me that Beckles had my file and I tracked her down to Windsor Fellowship she emerged as one of its programme directors. After more calls than I care to mentioned it was clear she had no intention of returning my files and decades of hard work and was not even smart enough to photocopy them. One of the programmes she stold was our acccelearted leadership programme. There is a radio interview with me someone talking about that programme long before Beckles ever came on the scene and she used it to make her name for Windsor Fellowship.

  10. I have never had my intellectual property returned and she hid behind her secetary until she then turned arounded and screwed the Windsor Fellowship.

    Councillor Kinglsey Abrahams is one of the nicest guys I know and was one of the Trustees of the Lionel Jefferies Centre. Mention Yolanda Beckle's name to him and stand back and hold your breathe.

    Now she has to hide like the thief she is. I have no doubt she must be stopped.

  11. I 've just read the recent article posted. She's got balls and no shame I'll give her that. Here is the move. Work voluntarilly and keep her head down until she has one trust and had time to work out hows she is going to hussle somone out of their money. But even she must realise she has burnt all her bridges so maybe she wont? I mean where else can she go afterwards.

    And yes Yolanda you know me and I know you you fake and shameless piece of work. And I dont have any qualms talking to any press who want to talk to me.

  12. Thank you munchinella. Your willingness to come forward and tell your story is very much appreciated. It reminds us all that no matter what goes on here between adults, especially more comfortable white folk, the real victims of Yolande Beckles are almost always defenceless and vulnerable children, most of whom are from disadvantaged black families.

    I've just seen your original posting on the UK blog. Although as far as I know that particular blog has been closed down for a long time now, it was certainly where I found a great deal of the material that started me off when I created this information exchange site. As it says in my sidebar, I knew (and still know) someone in London who was personally swindled out of money and property. From the information on that other blog I got into contact with other victims and it all started from there.

  13. I think you are doing a civic service here. When she stole my material I paid it no mind. Someone cannot steal your creativity or superior intellect and all they do is confirm what they are. But when I heard about her taking parent's money the majority of whom are black and it makes no difference, because a thief is a thief, but to steal from those who are struggling really. I am speechless.

    For godsake doesnt she care what the affected kids will think of the damage she does to their trust in people and their own.

    When I came across the other site by accident looking for a reference to her as I was involved in a report with this woman, I completely forgot I was on deadline with my professional work and read everything.

    The woman has no shame. I hope you guys in the US nail this woman for real. I have more confidence in the US system to deal with people like that, because she manipulataed often decent white folk's liberal sentiments and shit on her own. Like we have so much liberal sentiment we can shit on people and use them like that? These are the kind of folk when there is a revolution they skip town fast because the first people the locals want to get their hands on is people like her.

    I was looking for a link or article to the actual centre but could not find one, but I still will try and will keep you posted. Let her come on here and tell me I am lying.

    Keep up the good work.