Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sporty Spice

Having been castigated by at least one self-righteous US citizen for employing a telescopic sight logo (a strange accusation, coming from a land where people "defend the right to bear arms and the right to arm bears"), I'm sure as hell not going to dig a very large hole for myself by writing anything accusatory about the offspring of Miss Beckles. As far as I'm aware, neither sprog has committed any criminal offence, or for that matter any civil offence. And even if they had done so, they would deserve the right to the anonymity afforded to minors.
Develop your full potential, with other peoples' moneyBut there comes a point where no self-respecting chronicler can keep the lid on his or her inkpot. Especially when reports abound on the internet of a classic case of "like mother, like daughter". Yolande, you'll remember, made a habit of running very quickly when accused of misdoings. Past lovers have accused her of aiming dangerous objects at them and several commercial ventures have ended in organisations rolling or flopping. So what a delightful surprise to discover that Yolande's daughter has been excelling at sprint, shot put and high jump events, representing Hollywood Senior High School. You simply couldn't make this stuff up.

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