Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yolande Beckles In Birmingham

No - don't get over-excited. Yolande hasn't fled Los Angeles to surface at the Jefferson County spiritual home of the African American civil rights movement. Sorry to disappoint you, but this Birmingham is the spiritual home of the English Industrial Revolution and Yolande is long gone. But what I didn't know until today was the extent to which the Beckles tsunami had left a trail of unpaid bills behind it in England's second city, the nasal capital of the West Midlands.
Until, that is, I read the latest update of The Stirrer - a Midlands-focused politics and consumer rights webzine edited by Adrian Goldberg, columnist on the Birmingham Mail newspaper. Adrian is a former BBC 'Breakfast Show' and 'Politics Show' presenter, reporter on the BBC consumer show 'Watchdog' and current presenter of 'talkSPORT'.

More importantly, it was Adrian Goldberg who first exposed the misdoings of Yolande Beckles in a series of Birmingham Mail articles several years ago, leading eventually to her outing in a string of national and weekly newspapers and to the extensive coverage of her fraudulent activities by Robert Mendick in the London Evening Standard in 2007.

According to The Stirrer, Yolande established a second centre for Global Graduates in Birmingham around the year 2000, but when the company went bust in 2002 she pulled out leaving behind a trail of debts. Creditors included former teacher and BBC West Midlands' 'Gospel Show' presenter Nikki Tapper and scriptwriter Andy Conway.
Yolande Beckles makes headlines in "The Stirrer"

From the tone of today's report in The Stirrer, it sounds as if there's a lot more than just a couple of creditors in Birmingham. Maybe others would now care to step forward and reveal more of the damage left behind in the West Midlands.


  1. "At Think Global Kids we do not rely on what teachers say about our children."

    A quote from Beckles. Your child's teacher spends more time with him than you do. Your child's teacher knows more about your son than you ever will. You are more concerned about other people children than your own.

  2. Well at least one Beckles sibling is back in the UK or headed this way albeit (daughter) Diandra with a place at London Metropolitan University..Hmm now whom might be funding those fee's ( not more victims) I ask....taken from facebook

    Studies at London Metropolitan University
    Lives in Los Angeles, California
    From London, United Kingdom
    Born on 5 November 1993

  3. Miss Beckles , is now working for one of the board members in Pasadena school distric, of california. Now dont they know what a mess this lady is? Good luck.

  4. Also, Miss Beckles is now working as a personal assistant to one of the Board members of Pasadena school public school district. Whoever this board member is good luck , looks like you just found jack pot !

  5. Interested to hear more about PUSD.

  6. Flyboy and SpiderbabyJune 27, 2014 2:41 AM

    The board member is Tyron Hampton. A young board member with a bright political future if he can keep his eye on the prize and steer clear of bad choices. Ms. Beckles name has come up in relation to collecting cash as a consultant. PUSD is Pasadena Unified School District, and Ms. Beckles is on our radar. We like Tyron, and hope he is paying attention.