Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let Battle Commence

Well - apologies are due to Lydia Grant. When the educational activist and board member of Parent Revolution, the billionaire-funded front organisation for privately-owned charter school operators emailed Beckles Watch in the run-up to Christmas to disclose Yolande's threat to sue LAUSD, we quite naturally assumed that this was nothing more than a slap round the head with a handbag for a former partner in protest from whom she had already vociferously disassociated herself and her organisation. It was patently nothing more than a piece of mischievous nonsense. We consigned the story to the LA Christmas yawn charts.
After all, what degree of insanity would lead someone who had fled her native country to escape assorted creditors and other victims to launch a $2.5bn lawsuit against one of the world's largest education authorities? To take on the might of the education establishment and some of its most powerful overlords when under threat of deportation for immigration irregularities and under investigation for other alleged offences? Even under the protective cover afforded by the imminent delivery of a US citizen? Nobody but nobody in such a delicate position would contemplate launching a suit against Los Angeles schools Superintendent John Deasy and LAUSD Chief of School, Family & Parent/Community Services Maria Casillas. Would they....?

Matters came to a head back in May last year, when the now-disbanded District Advisory Committee of LAUSD co-chaired by Yolande Beckles and Roberto Fonseca held its monthly meeting and revealed controversial district bulletins issued to LAUSD employees. Supposedly responding to the district's budget crisis, the missives announced "major changes" in policy - severely cutting back on expenses and restructuring the DAC, eliminating the vice-chair positions. It was becoming clear that LAUSD was reaching the end of its tether with DAC and it would only be a matter of time before Maria Casillas, Christopher Downing's replacement as head of parent and family services, would axe the organisation altogether. When the chop eventually came it was sudden and, in the opinion of some, brutal. According to reports, DAC offices were closed, staff and volunteers escorted from school premises and some members ejected from meetings and even visited at home by LAUSD officials allegedly issuing threats, including deportation.

You'd think that some people would recognise defeat when it stared them in the face. But not our Yolande. Let battle commence...


  1. any chance fonseca and walter aren't citizens either? can we deport them too?

    1. You lousy little xenophobe. There is zero chance Mr Fonseca is subject to deportation as he is an employee of the County of Los Angeles and YOU can't deport anyone. Solely the Federal Government has that authority. Why don't you crawl back under your rock?

  2. Hmmm looks like Ma Beckles has finally popped out another kid.At 49 Ma Beckles was so desperate to have at least 1 child as a US Citizen and Passport Holder her Mission is now Complete!...Lets look at the Maths 3 kids with 3 different Fathers..With one Father RIP the other been fleeced and victim of attempted murder by Ma Beckles now the 3rd Father and God knows what Fate they may face...Sounds like a good plot for a BlockBuster Movie so any budding Hollywood Scripwriters want to take up the challenge?