Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Test Your Knowledge - The Morehouse Connection

The mission of Morehouse College is to produce academically superior, morally conscious African American leaders for the conditions and issues of the day. Alumni include Martin Luther King Jr., David Satcher, Maynard Jackson, Donn Clenendon and Shelton 'Spike' Lee.

So what possible connection would such an honourable and noble Atlanta educational institution have with Yolande Beckles? Answers on a blog comment, please.
Morehouse College, Atlanta


  1. I can assure you that Yolande Beckles do not have any connection with Morehouse College, other than being a member of an ‘Independent Group’ of voluntary/unpaid community mentors and Educationalist that visited Morehouse College during an open weekend. The visit included a group of young persons nominated for the trip by Hackney Learning Trust. I was a member of that ‘Independent Group’ and can confirm that it was members of that ‘Independent Group’ that called in the Police and provided the Police with evidence, to assist with their investigations when Yolande’s activities came to light.

    While I appreciate the hurt, anger and disappointment that we all feel over Yolande’s actions, we should ensure that we do not tarnish the good name of any institution that Yolande may have visited during her activities.

    Unfortunately, as I may be a witness in any Police prosecution, as much as I would like to go further to reassure members of this forum, you will appreciate my reluctance to communicate openly with this forum. However I am confident that the Hackney Learning can confirm this position.

  2. Thanks for your contribution. Let me assure everyone that there is no suggestion whatsoever of any impropriety on the part of Morehouse College, any more than The University of the West Indies at St Augustine is guilty of any misdoing. Both have been embarrassed by Yolande Beckles.

    The introduction to this post was intended to be literal and not in any way facetious. Perhaps the final sentence should have been reversed: So what possible connection would Yolande Beckles have with such an honourable and noble Atlanta educational institution?

    The answer, as you have helpfully pointed out lies in the actions of the group members who reported her to the police. It just sounds more credible coming from someone who was involved, rather than from me, based only on hearsay.