Friday, July 8, 2011

Yolande Beckles Threatened By Maria Casillas

Parents in Los Angeles are unhappy with the new LAUSD Parent and Community Services Branch administrator, Maria Casillas, writes Tony Hicks in According to Hicks, at the recent LAUSD School Board Meeting over 10 parent leaders spoke regarding what they feel is the disrespectful and unprofessional treatment towards them by the new PCSB administrator.

Leading the defence of the parents under attack is Yolande Beckles, 1st Vice-President of the District Advisory Council, who said that she believed Superintendent Deasy had allowed the new PCSB administrator to threaten parents because they wouldn't allow her to control their parent run group. Ms. Beckles also objected to decisions to suspend operation of the DAC, restrict parents' travel to conferences and reduce their food and refreshments for meetings.

So, that'll be complaints about personal threats, suspended operations and reduced food handouts from a woman accused of four separate incidents of attempted murder in the UK and US, the near-bankrupting of several individuals and organisations in the UK and bankrupting of one family in Los Angeles and the corrupt obtaining of food from the Cathedral Center of St. Paul.

They didn't have black or female police officers in the days of Charles Penrose. But Yolande Beckles defending the local community suits his caricature so perfectly. Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha....


  1. How very interesting!!!!

  2. Google this office phone number: 213-251-8088.

    What is the agenda of the "California Title I Parent Union" organization?

    How can Yolande Beckles be representing parents when she is being paid by the California Teachers Association (CTA) to represent teachers? What kind of game is this?

    Could Beckles be duping poor Los Angeleans who are assigned to failing schools every day and have absolutely no recourse? If they join Beckle's organization, will there be any escape from failing schools aside from dropping out?

    Sent: October 5, 2011 10/5/11
    Subject: invitation and communique

    Dear parents and community members

    Arne Duncan Secretary of State for Education is coming to our town next week.

    He will be speaking to the Board of Education of LAUSD on Tuesday 11th October at 1pm.

    WE MUST PACK THE BOARD ROOM AND HAVE OUR VOICE HEARD BRING EVERYONE TO TELL THEIR STORIES USE ROBERTO Communique for guidance to assist you with your public comments.

    Secondly we have been invited to the Town Hall meeting in the evening in Pico Rivera. For members of the California Title I Parent Union there will be buses available to go from our offices. If you are a member and wish to travel to the meeting and back by bus please call Yolande on 213-251-8088 or email me back with your name and membership number plus one child as they wish to speak directly with Title I students of LAUSD as well.

    I look forward to us welcoming the Secretary of State and telling him the truth about parental involvement and Title I funding in LA and surrounding districts.

    "Giving back authentic parents their human dignity and parental rights in public school education"
    Yolande Beckles Founder California Title I Parent Union
    213-251-8088 office
    213-XXX-XXXX cell

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