Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've Got You Under My Spell

Three months ago I wrote about the appearance of Yolande Beckles in the Title I Office at Hollywood High School, as part of the school's Parent Volunteer Programme. I questioned at the time whether a Title I office was the most appropriate place to find a serial misappropriator of funds - especially one who had only recently been thrown out of another Hollywood school as "a disruptive influence" and who had been the subject of a recent two-page exposé in a national Sunday newspaper alleging serial fraud and theft.
That office was at the time run by parent Kimberley Smith, listed on the school website as Advisor, Categorical Program. An insider informs me that the two initially failed to strike up a totally positive relationship. Actually, that's me putting it politely. The actual words were "when she [Yolande] first showed up at HHS, Smith did not like her". Mind you, that shouldn't be taken as an indication of Ms. Smith's lack of warmth for, as my observer added, "neither did anyone else". Any doubts were in any case dispelled over time, as the relationship between Ms. Smith and Ms. Beckles blossomed, with Yolande spending many happy hours in Kimberley's office entertaining herself on the computer. It began to look, to quote from Casablanca, like this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.Kimberley Smith

However, all good things eventually come to an end. And in this instance, it appears that HHS Principal Jaime Morales has decided that it might be best to avoid certain problems experienced at Rosewood Avenue Elementary and separate the two bosom buddies. The official explanation for Ms. Smith's sudden and unexpected departure from the Title I Office makes no mention of these little difficulties. But then it wouldn't, would it?


  1. this was all fun - but it's grown tiresome. waiting for some anon blog guy to invent new Yo drama.
    now it's time to play GUESS THE HOST OF THIS SITE:
    I'm guessing he's male and, hmmm, possibly the bloke that, um, lost his offspring to yolande--?
    but you knew that - or did you REALLY believe that " a friend of someone who once was screwed by yo" would spend his ENTIRE LIFE working on this site???
    Someone would spend ALL THIS TIME & ENERGY-- messing with someone that he's never met? Who screwed his friend????
    Do you know anyone who'd spend that kind of time on YOU???
    I'll post pix of HIS LAIR -- along w/ ph & address-- trés soon, kiddies!
    you Yanks are so easy to blunder!

  2. ROLFMAO is, I believe, the appropriate new age expression. Everything anyone needs to know about me is in "About Me". And if you seriously think I invent anything posted on this blog or I spend more than a few minutes here every couple of days...

  3. Yo's nemesisJune 17, 2010 10:36 PM

    Actually Yo Beckles is fully aware that, although the host of this site doesn't spend more than a few minutes here every couple of days, there are some people who have been seriously damaged (financially, physically and emotionally) by Yo's selfish actions who will devote, to quote her, "ALL THIS TIME & ENERGY ... ENTIRE LIFE" to tracking her down and will make her pay for her greedy and evil deeds. And no, we are NOT talking about the father of her children!

  4. that suppose to divert the factual information that the creator of the site has put out there.

    Try again....

  5. You obviously dont know YO. If she was a criminal, why would she live so openly in the US? SHE HAS A SKILL that children need, and a passion for educating. Your defamation of her character is criminal. you will cease this blog VERY soon. Lawyers for YO Beckles.

  6. waiting for ins to comeAugust 13, 2010 7:21 PM

    Anon...who cares the motivation for the blog?? Fact is YB is nothing but a two-bit hustler and this blog serves as a resource and a reminder (to all the new marks). So whether or not the creator of BW is the father of one of her kids doesn't matter. What matters is getting her a one-way ticket back to the UK where she seems to have some unfinished business. INS anyone??? So go ahead and post BW's address, I'll send him flowers and a bottle of liquor for all the great work he's doing.

  7. How many more times do I have to refer readers to the "About Me" section in my sidebar?

    "I first became interested in Yolande Beckles when a friend of mine in London was ripped off by a highly convincing fraudster who borrowed a substantial sum of money "to help some of the city's most deprived kids" and subsequently disappeared off with it. Then I read more about Miss Beckles in the media, on blogs and elsewhere on the web and I thought I'd bring all the information together in one place." Simple and true.

    I would imagine that the fathers of Yolande's children would feel very uncomfortable at being associated with this blog, because it would hardly improve their prospects of access to, and communication with, their children. But then I don't know for certain... as I'm not one of them.

  8. Anon (August 12, 2010; 9:19 pm): Your last sentence suggests that you are a part of Ms. Beckles' legal team. If so, include your state bar number and the state(s) in which you are licensed to practice law.