Friday, February 5, 2010

Imagine Proper English Like Wot Yolande Beckles Rite's, Init!

"Imagine a world where every child has fulfilled their dream. Adults who understand their purpose, goals and ambitions and wish to build a better society for all its citizens. At Think Global Kids we feel that this is our purpose to facilitate and support those families who wish to help their children dream big! This is no mean feat and we understand that we have to convince all the stakeholders to play their role in our 21st Century education vision. Our work involves being hands-on in the public education school system, working and influencing policy makers in education to see the future that expects excellence and brilliance from all its members, parents who drop their children off at the gate and wonder why their child never made it to college, children who looked to adults and the experts for help, guidance and support and still didn't graduate. We say this no longer can continue. The rest of the world is passing us by, becoming more skilled and leading in areas of science and math's where we once led. America it's time to wake up and truly invest in the future of education for ALL."

Now imagine a world in which correct English is taught and understood. A world in which each of the above eight sentences was grammatically correct and unambiguous, employed appropriate punctuation and capitalisation and demonstrated sound knowledge of plural nouns, multi-clausal construction, slang expressions and the apostrophe and its proper usage. A world in which crooks were unable to exploit parents, take their money and leave their children with a lower probability of achieving a college education than they had previously.

You can help to create such a world in Los Angeles. All you have to do is report Yolande Beckles and her Think Global Kids organisation as an educational fraud, campaign for the termination of her employment within the US education sector and demand that she be deported from the United States and returned to face justice in the British courts. Whatever.


  1. "Our vision is to ensure that every parent of every child understands that and guides, facilitates and nurture’s that brilliance every day until they enter college or university."
    (Think Global Kids Vision Statement)

    Oh dear! That superfluous apostrophe has turned up once again. Still, I'm sure matters will improve once TGK acquires an English teacher.

  2. Beckles Watch welcomes the Los Angeles District Attorney to our little website.