Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Avoid Deportation

I can't help wondering what fate awaits #3.

Will he be stabbed?

Or attacked with a stiletto heel?

She's older and wiser now.

He'll probably just be served with a restraining order to stay away.

Or maybe the fun of attack will prove irresistable...


  1. if she's done all these illegal things, why doesn't she get arrested?

  2. Dunno. I'll ask my friend Alphonse Capone and see if he can come up with an explanation.

  3. Baby No3...Firstly there was Daughter now aged 18 then a Son now Aged 12.Well I guess this is another ruse to have a child that automatically becomes a US Citizen.So kiddies from three different Fathers so much for Ms Beckles preaching us on having morals in Society...Hmmmm let me see the 1st Dad committed suicide, 2nd had his Brandy poisoned by Sleeping Pills (Beckles was charged with attempted murder) however a slippery Attorney aka Barrister (UK) got her off on that one..So partner/husband/Father No3 might want to take out extra Life Insurance...after all accidents can happen!...