Saturday, April 24, 2010

Movin' On

Despite not having been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend a single quorate meeting of GEPENC since being elected, it's been time for Yolande Beckles to wave a fond goodbye to Echo Park and its quirky representatives and move onwards and ever upwards - which was largely the reason for the blissful peace and quiet of the past few weeks.
I won't reveal the exact location, because Yolande would like a little more peace and quiet before flitting on to pastures new once again. As always, however, Yolande's address is available to all victims, their lawyers and law enforcement officers - just email a request. I couldn't help observing the recent planting activity alongside the 110 Freeway to the north of Sunset Boulevard and wondering whether it isn't a municipal floral tribute to one of East LA's most interesting, albeit challenging, short-term former residents.If you're leaving Echo Park, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Yolande's new neighborhood across the other side of the city in Santa Monica is a very different one from Echo Park. It's an area populated by young, well-educated middle-class parents, with several elementary and pre-schools in the vicinity which should provide plenty of employment opportunities for someone with experience in managing Title I funds, should current plans fail to work out. Not the most expensive part of the city, but not exactly cheap and with crime levels below average it should prove ideal. Mind you, it might prove a bit of a slog to travel the six or seven miles to and from Hollywood High School each day should the Los Angeles Unified School District enquiry exonerate Yolande of any wrongdoings and thereby allow her to step up from her part-time role as CEAC Representative at Hollywood High (with alternative name spelling) and take on the full-time post of $60,000-a-year Director of The Parent Center at HHS.

I never did get to hear how Bishop Bruno reacted to the revelation that Yolande was actively involved in the Cathedral Center of St Paul Food Bank Mission, but I'm sure he took the news calmly and professionally and thanked her for her services. After all, the fact that the Inventory Control & Volunteer Coordinator of the Mission sponsored a non-Episcopalian Brit of dubious migration status and un-Christian past to stand as a Neighborhood Council candidate in an area in which she wasn't resident, with a letter of reference approved by him and written by a Roman Catholic janitorial employee on Bishop Bruno's headed paper, was hardly Yolande's fault. However genuine or otherwise her voluntary activities at the food bank may have been, and regardless of the fact that volunteers received generous food parcels themselves, I'm sure Yolande didn't deserve this "Supersize Me" parody cartoon that an anonymous reader sent me:

Supersize my loaves and fishes


  1. Surely it's an advert for that English dish, "fish and chips".

  2. Five fishes and two thousand bags of chips, please. I've got a multitude waiting out there.

  3. Sorry Yolande,

    There is no way that LAUSD will hire or pay anyone who can not be verified via an I-9 or e-verify which LAUSD is mandated to use.

    Providing false documents will subject the offender to serious Federal jail time and big money fines.