Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yolande Beckles Gets Her Head Down

No - it's not another Alan Woods exposé, although from time to time I do hear interesting stories about Yolande and "white men of a certain age" in positions of power. No, this is the story of good, sound PR advice. "Get yer 'ead down, girl", as Max Clifford might have advised. And so she has. After weeks of ranting and raving via comments on this blog, Yolande has decided that the best bet is to ignore it. She still pops on every few days to give it a look over, but the underlying principle is "leave it alone and hope it will go away".
And so it would, if I didn't know anything about website promotion. But fortunately I do. So whatever has been published here is still very visible on the internet and will continue to be so. Take some examples. Try pumping the following phrases from some of the earliest Beckles Watch posts into Google:

"the amazing Miss Yolande Beckles", from The Story So Far...
"the chap in the gold suit at the back", from Welcome To Hollywood.
"gullible suckers with open wallets", from I'd Like To Thank.
"a dance teacher, an educational trainer", from Catch Me If You Can.

Yes - they all show up top of the Google search results. And that's the way it will continue. Just as this blog will home in immediately on any new internet presence by the woman who made it to Hollywood on other peoples' money. So, if your American version of Max told you that if you kept schtum it would all blow over, I'm afraid he's taken your money under false pretences. Mind you, what am I saying? You won't have paid the invoice, will you?


  1. Well another 12 months has gone by and still Yolande Beckles roams free and her victims have no Justice!...surely someone somewhere has the Power to arrest her and bring charges but alas our American Cousins are being sucked in just as we have been....I just wonder what schemes and cons Yolande is plotting for 2010....ching ching hear that till ring!!

  2. Would people please come forward and be specific about what Ms.Beckles has done to them? She may be up to the same tricks here, but without specifics its hard to know if we're being sucked in or if she's the real deal. She talks a good talk and does some legit things (possibly part of the con) and a lot of people in America are falling for her. If she's really done terrible things, why is she still roamimg the planet? We've heard about the money, but how did she get away if its true? We heard about the trial for attempted murder, but is that real? We heard about the poisoning attempts, but why didn't you do something about it at the time if it was really happening to you? We heard that she is in America illegally no papers or visa, but where is immigration? We heard she doesn't pay taxes, but where is the irs? We need facts and evidence to back it up. If someone (or many) really got shafted by her, then put your cards on the table before someone else gets really hurt. If the authorities in the UK are really after her, why are they not coordinating with local law enforcement? Too much inuendo and not enough hard facts to go on. Please help!

  3. Anonymous - Hopefully you'll find today's news answers your questions. At least one person has come forward to the police and there are others waiting to be interviewed, both in LA and London.

  4. Now this is what I'm talking about! A legitimate newspaper doesn't waste time and ink on stories that are not legitimate. Thank you to the person who posted Sunday's Independent article on this blog. I have been skeptical about all the accusations revolving around Ms. Beckles and now I feel that a lot of questions have been answered. She clearly knows how to convince people that she is legit. There is no doubt she has inspired people and has done some good things. Unfortunately it appears she has had an agenda all along. I feel for all the people who have so vociferously come to her defense and for all the unsuspecting individuals who may pay the price of believing her. I hope this all comes to an end soon.

  5. @Beckles watch: Please make sure to have the police contact me. I'm volunteer at Rosewood and I'm sick and tired of these lies about our school and Ms. Beckles. Rosewood Elementary has never made Yolande in charge of any fundraising organizations and our beloved principal Mrs. Crowder hasn't either. Stop the lies about Mrs. Crowder and stop trying to make stuff up that is not true...Yolande has not be given one penny for her serves at Rosewood and I know not one parent has given her any money for any fundraising either. This is complete false and I hope Mrs. Crowder sues this paper for libel because this is what it is.This is shameless and childish....stop this madness!!!!

  6. yolande "yo" beckles is now trying to do the same disaster here in Los Angeles Unified School District. She should be stopped as soon as possible. 5/18/2010

  7. How do we do that?