Friday, December 3, 2010


Head down... allow no photos... keep self and children away from the internet... remove profile pic from new GEPENC website... register with President Jose Sigala's P.O. box address and Lisa Baca-Sigala's PR office phone number. Sounds like time for someone to pop up and let Beckles Watch know where our shy little Miss is hiding herself these days...


  1. Why would anyone wish to associate themselves with Jose Sigala, or with his wife, Lisa Baca?
    When Jose ran for Los Angeles Unified School Board Member, District 5 (2003), five of Mr. Sigala's endorsements* proved interesting: Oscar Hernandez (then councilmember-elect, current mayor, city of Bell) along with former and current city of Bell councilmembers Victor Bello, George Cole, Teresa Jacobo and George Mirabal were ordered to stand trial (February 16th, 2011), on felony charges by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Henry J. Hall.

    * Information provided by the candidate and listed on the League of Women Voters of California website (archive of past elections.)

  2. Hmmm easy just lick on daughters Facebook Diandra Beckles...even a cellphone 00 12132394020