Monday, December 19, 2011

$2.5bn DAC Suit Against LAUSD Vies With Yolande & Lydia Spat With George For #1 In L.A. Xmas Yawn Charts

It was with some reluctance that the crew of Beckles Watch aborted their Christmas parcel wrapping yesterday and put down the Scotch tape in order to investigate exciting news that had recently arrived in the form of an email from Lydia Grant. For those unfamiliar with this militant Board Member of Parent Revolution, the $1m-funded front organisation for privately-owned charter school operators backed by an assortment of billionaires, Lydia Grant is a long-time community activist from Sunland-Tujunga formerly recognized with LAUSD's 'Beyond the Bell' award and the President's Volunteer Gold Level Service award, as well as being a well-known local slapper (the colloquial acronym for a member of the Saving Los Angeles Project, S.L.A.P.).

It was exciting news indeed. Lydia was writing to distance herself from just about everyone - the billionaires funding her protest organisation (from whom she claimed to receive not one cent in financial support), LAUSD (an organisation she claimed to have dedicated her life to fighting), Yolande Beckles (whom she described as a "wolf in sheep's clothing") and Arne Duncan heckler George Buzetti from the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) (whom she accused of inaccuracies, misreporting and upsetting behaviour).

When we reached the part about a $2.5 billion lawsuit being filed by The District Advisory Committee (DAC) against LAUSD for alleged misuse of funds, after local committees and activists were banished from the city's Parent Centers and other LAUSD premises recently, we were beginning to get excited. Even more so when we learnt that the announcement of this legal challenge had been made to the world's media at a press conference organised by none other than Yolande Beckles.

Unfortunately for Yolande, the world's media doesn't appear to have expressed much interest in her announcements. The Los Angeles Times and KPCC both reported that Deasy would be filing a lawsuit against the State of California to prevent mid-year funding cuts, but neither reported the threatened DAC action and nor did LA Weekly, leaving nothing more than the odd blog with virtually no readers to post attorney Robert A. Brown's press release.

One sentence in attorney Brown's press release caused raised eyebrows at the BW office, it must be admitted. "In some instances, DAC members were visited at their homes and pulled out of meetings by LAUSD police, while others were threatened by District administrators with deportation." Well, I wonder whose US immigration status might have led to possible threats of deportation? I simply can't imagine.


  1. OMG! One can only hope our prayers will be answered.... Deportation Party anyone? I for one would want the exact day and time of her flight home, I would even bring the champagne...

    Olivia Shields

  2. Ho Ho Ho...Perhaps Santa will deliver a nice pair of Designer Silver Bracelets to Ms Beckles a gift from the LAPD then haul her arse to the County Jail..Failing that the LAPD could invite down to there Crib for a friendly chat by calling her on

  3. Do you have an address to match that number?

  4. Didn't Ms. Beckles recently marry?

  5. No idea. As it says in About Me, I only publish information on the web or sent to me privately and verified in each case. Nobody has told me anything about Yolande getting married, though it would hardly surprise me as I have no reason to believe that her residency has been legalised in any other way but I do have information about possible deportation moves.