Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yolande Beckles - The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

From the Los Angeles correspondent of Britain's Independent on Sunday newspaper.
Dateline: 14th February 2010.

Read it by clicking on "Read more..." below, or read it at the IoS website by clicking here.



  1. This is fake. I just contacted the newspaper and they said this article is fake and they will be investigating it. Don't believe the hype.

  2. This is so obviously fake. Made with cheap software that allows you to write in curved lines.

  3. Another Beckles victim - HackneyFebruary 14, 2010 11:28 PM

    Oh yeah! This is so obviously fake ... that's why "C_Boccaccio" left a whole load of rants there (including a very weird comment in which she claims to be a "medical writer". Funny that, I thought she was an honest-to-god pornographer!) Check out the "fake" article on this website. I can't wait to see Beckles come to the UK to sue The Independent for libel. As if!

  4. What are you on about.... I just saw this on the independent website...why would this be fake? :|

  5. If this is for real why don't one of you people in England send a copy of the Independent to the Rosewood Avenue School so we can see for ourselves. You can find the address on-line or probably even on past posts to this blog.

  6. Why don't you go onto the Independent's website? Even Yolande's most vociferous detractors wouldn't go to the trouble of inventing a whole newspaper (complete with hundreds of articles on other topics) to defame her.

  7. Look at this photo of The Independent on Sunday. It would take a genius to fake this. Would you like me to take another photo from a different angle, or closer up? Say so and I can have it done in minutes.

  8. Its the information thats FAKE not the article!

  9. Which bits do you think are fake, Trixie?

  10. Another Beckles victim - HackneyFebruary 15, 2010 2:22 PM

    Our comments, about it being fake, were ironic and in response to the stupid idiot who, in making the first comment, made the untruthful claim: "I just contacted the newspaper and they said this article is fake and they will be investigating it. Don't believe the hype."

    Anyone at Rosewood Avenue School is welcome to click on the The Independent website.

    The pornographic film-maker/self-proclaimed "medical writer" C_Boccaccio claims in the newspaper's comments section: "She had to PAY to use the library, pay for teaching supplies, she taught most of the students at no charge, she volunteered at a food bank to feed them -- and she made no money." If my memory serves me right, she applied for and successfully got a grant to pay for these outgoings AND charged participants. Yes?

    And just how many kids (not including her own sprogs) actually benefited from her project? In her video she claims she has helped hundreds of US graduates. Wow! That's a whopper!

  11. The article may be truly written but the informatin in the article is totally false and untrue. Mrs. Crowder NEVER put Yolande in charge of fundraising. This is a lie and completely false. Where did this information come from? Of course it could not have come from the hundreds of parents who really know the truth.

    When did this all become about Rosewood the Elementary? Rosewood Elementary NEVER stole any money from U.K., so why is the good name of Rosewood being dragged through the mud? Let's stop this craziness and let's leave Rosewood out of this mess.

  12. Victim of Beckles - HackneyFebruary 17, 2010 6:44 AM

    "Rosewood Elementary NEVER stole any money from U.K."

    I wasn't aware anyone had made such a claim. I suspect "Anonymous" (aka C_Boccaccio aka Yolande Beckles)has totally lost the plot!

    Anyone willing to throw away the key?