Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome Baby Beckles

I'm sure we'd all like to congratulate Yolande on the birth of her third child.

It's happy days for any baby born on US territory, as the Constitution guarantees a right of citizenship for such infants. Childbirth is not quite such a happy event for any alien mother deemed to be an illegal immigrant or overstayer, however, as such women may still be deported at short notice. In a clampdown on 'birth tourism' in recent years, Federal appellate courts have upheld the refusal by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to stay the deportation of illegal immigrants merely on the grounds that they have children who are US citzens. In a few extreme cases, children have been snatched from their mothers and placed into foster care, while the mothers have been deported. It's not all bad news, though, as a child who have lived in the US continuously for 10 years and shown good character throughout can invoke the Cancellation of Removal defense in the event of parental deportation. And when a child reaches 21, he or she can sponsor their parents for legal immigration into the US. Marriage offers no automatic protection for unlawful immigrants, of course, as the INS is very keen to investigate fraudulent marriage for the purpose of obtaining a green card.

Enough of this meandering diversion. I can't think what caused me to wander so far off track. The point of this post was to welcome the latest addition to the American family and to remind everyone that there is still time to join the baby shower with a gift from Babies "R" Us (Babies are US, lol!)

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  1. anything new? like more info about her lawsuit against LAUSD?

  2. Referred back from Federal court to California State court. Maybe an advantage to DAC as the judge gave an opinion that a contract existed between DAC and LAUSD, but this may be subsequently overturned or even ruled as irrelevant.